Over thirty years of experience

The company was founded in 1985 and since then it has developed an extensive experience that results in a great competence not only on the production side but also in providing customers with high-value technical consulting, directing them towards the most congenial and efficient solutions for their request.

Constant R&D activities

Since the very beginning we showed a clear vocation for innovation and for the constant improvement of our devices, with scientific method and rigor. After many years dealing with the market, but also collaborating with recognized professionals and highly experienced clinicians, the feedbacks are very gratifying and spur the company to continue on this virtuous path.

Products with original design and functionality, often patented

Besides being highly performing, our products are often appealing and original, as they are the result of the creativity of our technical department, which obviously favors functional aspects but tries to make our product range also as unique and recognizable as possible, as it is often destined to contexts where even one detail can contribute to making them better accepted. Our solutions are often patented.

Tailor-made product design and testing

Over the years, the enormous amount of complex and personalized requests we received led our company to develop a remarkable know-how, which we employ to achieve customer satisfaction even in the most demanding and challenging conditions.

Maximum flexibility and availability

As a small artisan company, we always do our best to design and implement even the most eccentric and complex requests, which a large company could never satisfy.

Excellent customer feedback

In almost forty years of business we have satisfied customers of all sizes, operating branches, experiences and kinds of need. We do not recall a single case of concrete technical-functional dissatisfaction and, when a sporadic misunderstanding emerged, we have always worked to quickly realign the project to the customer’s expectations, with excellent results.

Best raw materials and production techniques

Thanks to our skills and our wide and articulated relationships, we can research the best materials available on the market all over the world, as well as the most advanced and precise machinery and production techniques, allowing us to maintain our high quality standards.


International competence

The many international trade fairs and events that we have attended, and our commercial relationships with customers and suppliers in many countries of the world, led us to achieve an experience and a vision that is adequate to different markets and to their different commercial and technical perspectives. This allowed us to expand also our national product range.

Small minimum order quantity

The craftsmanship we are proud of allows us to plan a production in limited quantities, which give the customer the opportunity to test the product and / or satisfy limited needs. This is another option that is unlikely to be available with a large company.

Possibility to communicate directly with the property

Infra is a family business, and all of our collaborators become part of it in some way. Internal relationships are peaceful and frank and this is the first prerequisite for obtaining good results. The same thing happens with customers, who can contact the property directly, without filters, improving communication and decision-making speed.

Resilience to major contemporary challenges

The challenges of the contemporary world inevitably subject companies to significantly raise the bar to stay in the market. International competition, increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, health and economic emergencies – just to mention some of the most urgent challenges – have been faced and managed with courage and energy by our company. Instead of afflicting ourselves, we have taken up these challenges as a stimulus to continue to improve and adapt to new needs and new urgencies, with quality and commitment.

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