Bags for parenteral clinical nutrition

Bags for administering nutrients intravenously, supplied empty in sterile packaging for the preparation of customized solutions for the patient, available in different materials such as EVA, EVA Multilayer or even ANTI-UV, with various accessories.



Kit for chemotherapy

Devices for the preparation of chemotherapy infusion solutions. The combined use of these devices make them suitable for reconstituting, using and mixing drugs intended for cancer patients. The products are supplied in sterile packages.



Bags and sets for enteral nutrition

Devices for the administration of nutrients with nasogastric or gastric feeding tube, supplied empty in sterile packaging, for personalized diets for the patient.


INFRA medical devices

Infra offers a wide range of medical devices, consisting of bags for parenteral clinical nutrition, complete kits for the administration of chemotherapy treatments, sets and bags for enteral nutrition. We provide safe and avant-garde products for our customers, in fact they are produced in various materials and accompanied by accessories, in standard or customized versions according to the customer’s requests.

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