This year Infra participated in the thirtieth edition of CPHI Worldwide 2021 in Milan, which we can define as one of the main hubs of the pharmaceutical industry in Italy. In fact it can be observed that 55% of the plants operating in the sector are located in Lombardy. In 2020, Italy is confirmed as one of the most important reference points in the medical and pharmaceutical sector in the EU, together with France and Germany, also for the growing export activity which registered a growth of 74% between 2015 and 2020.

The last edition of the event was held from 9 to 11 of November 2021. It is interesting to note that each autumn the event is organized in a different big European city, and that it registers significant growth in numerical terms. Of course, due to the pandemic, the 2020 edition was an exception, as it took place only in a virtual form and in involved a significant number of 4,668 visitors and 285 exhibiting companies. However, the return to the traditional face-to-face form was greeted very favorably by all the involved professionals.

The possibility of returning to the in-person event induced 1,400 companies to exhibit with their own stand, representing 170 different countries around the world. This amazing numbers testify how the activities from foreign countries make up about 80% of the exhibitors. Nonetheless, that 20% of Italian exhibiting companies must not be overshadowed.

Since the CPHI represents an important scenario with a woldwide impact, and even more so after all the adversities faced in these two years, this domestic presence is absolutely appreciable and yet another incontrovertible sign of vitality in the sector.

Morover, about fifty workshops and online conferences were organized on major topics such as product innovation, future forecasts, market insights, etc … All with the aim to involve a greater number of professionals of the sector and external operators.

Fondazione Fiera di Milano has been entrusted with the task of organizing two more editions, until 2025, and this opportunity is likely to have a significant impact on the economic well-being of the sector and, to some extent, on that of the entire Italian country.

Therefore, this event is to be considered a great opportunity that brings numerous benefits in the evolutionary process of the medical sector and in the connections with the most advanced international technologies.