About us

The company was founded in 1985, in the hearth of Emilia Romagna, born from an authentic family passion for research in the biomedical field, which by tradition belongs to this area of ​​the country, and it gradually developed with the aim of becoming a technological and productive reference point that could respond with reliability and customized solutions to the requests arising from various sectors.

Our healthcare and medical devices and our versatile bags, with very high-profile characteristics, obviously find a natural enhancement in the medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, veterinary and diagnostic fields for different applications: by way of example and not exhaustive, Infusion, Clinical Nutrition, Dialysis, Transfusion, Drainage, Urology, Enema.

Over time, however, a virtuous form of word of mouth, supported by our objective performance, has allowed us to explore new fields even outside the strictly clinical sector, where creativity, know-how, innovation skills and uncompromising reliability are required.
In fact, from the very beginning, our choice, and therefore our distinctive trait, has been not only a productive specialization but, above all, the assumption of an exquisitely qualitative responsibility. This orientation, which is almost a vocation, led us to keep a substantially artisanal dimension, in which everything can be managed and verified in the smallest details, obviously without giving up the most modern and efficient technology that enhances and optimizes the peculiarities of the product.

All production activities take place in an area of ​​1000 square meters, with 500 square meters clean-room; the personnel in which the company has invested over time, preferably recruited locally, are involved in continuous training and motivated to express ideas and proposals.
Among our customers we have important companies in the Biomedical and Pharmaceutical sectors and we have been operating since 1997 with a certified quality system in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO13485 standards and our products meet the requirements of Directive 93/42 / ECC.

Evolution Path


Foundation of the company and start of the production of infusion and transfusion sets and bloodlines.


Design of the first line of medical bags for bloodlines and start of production.


220 sqm expansion of the bag department clean room to cope with the increase in requests.


Infra Quality System Certification according to ISO 9002 – ISO 13485 standards.


Doubling of the Reggiolo production site to 1000 square meters.


Infra Quality System Certification according to ISO 9001.


Installation of a fully authomated cycle plant for bag production in the new 120 m2 Clean Room.


Automated plant installation with multi-impression molds and with the processing of pre-defined semi-finished products.


First participation with our own customized stand in the Compamed Medica fair in Dusseldorf.


CE Certification for TPN Bags and Enteral Nutrition.


Start of production of kits for customized TPN set-ups according to the customer’s request.


Installation of a plant for the production of pvc-free bags for pharmaceutical use.


First participation with our own stand in the Medtec fair in Italy.


GCC certification of Infra medical devices.


First participation with our own stand in the Ernäehrung 2015 Congress in Bregenz.


First participation with our own stand in the pharmaceutical CPHI fair.


CE certification of devices for the preparation of chemotherapy.


Installation of a bag machine with 4.0 management.

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